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Corrosion Causes & Effects

Mike Heatwole, Water-Right
This course will discuss the various types of corrosion that occurs in water and on equipment. We will have to identify various types and how to treat and protect water pipes and metal equipment used in drilling and pump work.
0:00 PM

Installing and Upselling Variable Frequency Drives

Justin Golden, Pentair Flow Technologies
This course will present the design parameters for variable frequency drives, their purpose, troubleshooting and how to upsell them for customer projects.
0:00 AM

Persistence of Saline Groudwater in the Shallow Subsurface

Mitchell McAdoo, US Geological Survey
This course will cover the distribution and occurance of saline groundwater. Points of content will include the geologic formations where it is currently found and how it erodes.
00:00 AM

Submersible & Lineshaft Turbine Seminar

Scott Zody, Xylem Inc.
This course presents turbine configurations and standard turbine bowl components. Applications for submersibles, the differences and motor designs will be taught.
00:00 PM

Why A Service Call

Bob McClain, Franklin Electric
This course presents the systematic approach for processing service calls.
00:00 PM

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